HArbour Gourmet Charcuterie

It all started in 2007 when Owner Gilbert Amsellem opened his first dining establishment The Harbour Grill, taking his long lived passion for fine foods to the cozy neighborhood of Surfside, FL  and building it into what will soon become one of the most renowned Kosher Dining establishments in the country.  Always seeking to push the boundaries of the Kosher food industry, Gilbert realized that there was a void in the US that needed to be filled: Authentic Glatt Kosher Charcuterie. Having spent most of his life living in France and traveling through Europe, Gilbert had a precise idea of what exactly he wanted to achieve in terms of product, taste and texture, however Charcuterie making is an art that few very few had experimented with in the U.S. As kosher cuts (beef, lamb, duck, veal) do not react in the same way than cuts derived from non-kosher animals do, actual methods and recipes had to be implemented in order to turn Glatt Kosher cuts of meat into a finished product that would most resemble the wide selection of Charcuterie meats available to the non-kosher public. After years of trial and error testing, using known methods of salting, smoking, brining, and curing that have been practiced for centuries around the world by non-kosher charcuterie makers, Gilbert fine tuned his recipes and preparation processes to offer a wide selection of products that will taste, look, and feel just like the Charcuterie that can be found in the best Charcuterie shops of France or Italy.

About Us

All Natural Fine Artisan Charcuterie

Handmade using only the finest natural ingredients and best cuts of meat available on the kosher market, Harbour Gourmet’s charcuterie is prepared using authentic recipes and techniques from many regions of France and Italy, some of which have been refined for over 300 years. The preparation process is long and requires a lot of attention: Some of our meats go through many stages of preparation including cooking, curing, and smoking which all require proper handling, exact timing, and precise temperatures. One small misstep and a whole batch could be wasted! However, after years of research and trials, our passionate artisans have refined their recipes and perfected their craft to offer the highest quality of natural artisan-made Charcuterie available today in the U.S. All products are made using only natural ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, and no preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial ingredients to ensure our customers always get the best quality available.

 Whether you opt for our savory Bresaola, succulent Prosciutto, or scrumptious French Saucisson, our Charcuterie will make the grazing tables for your Shabbay, holidays, or dinner parties. With little to no preparation needed before serving, Harbour Gourmet’s Charcuterie is an easy choice if you want to surprise and impress your guests!


MONTREAL smoked meat